A Brand Boosting, 
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‘How To Make a Successful Video Podcast’ 
Learn the basics of video podcasting, vlogging & YouTube
and discover how to promote your brand and business
PLUS develop methods for monetizing your content with
Video Podcast Show Host & Business Coach
Darieth Chisolm 

Struggling to reach your target audience and ideal client?
 Not technologically savvy?
Don't know where to begin?   
Are you meant to share your message with the world?  
Are you ready to influence and impact others and build a large following of ideal customers and clients?

NO fear, your exciting new classroom is at your fingertips! 
6 Steps, 6 Weeks to Making your Video Podcast

This easy, online, live course will help you
prepare and launch your own video podcast show!

No experience necessary, just HUSTLE!

 This course provides YOU with the tools necessary to get your voice heard and break into the booming video marketing and podcasting industry!  

Here’s why Video Podcasting is for YOU!

Everyone has a story, a gift or a skill to share that has the ability to enhance the lives of others.  From the amateur fashion blogger, to the celebrity chef, to the stay-at-home mom.
The great thing about podcasting and video podcasting is that just about anyone can do it and share their mission and message with the world! 

What separates your video podcast from the crowd is your unique voice, message, and a plan of action! 

It’s that EASY!   

It’s TIME to go worldwide! 
Your on-demand content will be available 24/7, to be easily accessed from just about any device all over the world. 
Imagine the possibilities as you connect directly to a global audience and reach thousands of people with your message through the exploding market of podcasting! 
Take the first step and join this exciting new introductory course! 

Each week Darieth Chisolm, top video podcast show host and business coach will provide you with a step-by-step guide to make, market and monetize
your video podcast successfully!
But wait...what's holding you back?
Launching a video podcast is not rocket science! 
Yet so many people never launch, they are lost in the confusion of what to podcast about, the equipment choices, the marketing of a podcast, topics and oh yeah...the overall mission.

Truth is, it requires no costly credentials or certificates, only Hustle and Heart
The luxury of this telecourse will teach you the fundamental skills and processes to plan, prepare, record, edit, host, and share 
and you can learn at your own pace. 

With Internet access and determination, your classroom is conveniently anywhere you want it to be. 
Unleash your voice on an international scale and merge your desires of serving and empowering others while setting the stage for the world to experience you and what you have to offer through your new podcast show. 

6 weeks of Non Stop, Action Packed Tasks, Tools, Resources and Action Steps to help you get your video podcast plans in place and launch and promote your show for the world to enjoy! 


How would it feel to wake up every morning knowing you’ve got a plan in place to help you get there?

Would having a high-level mentor to support you with this plan be a plus as you venture into video marketing?

What would your video podcast plans look like if you had a roadmap with directions that made sense?

Warning:...we don't play around. We are in this to Make, Market and Monetize your Videos and Podcast. No excuses, no delays, no fooling around. We are going to build a solid foundation to help you professionally build your show, your audience, your plan, your agenda and your potential income. When you commit to this coaching program you are committed to making your dreams come true.

Six Week Commitment. This is the minimum time needed to set the foundation for your podcast success. It gives us the time needed to lay the groundwork, create a comprehensive plan of long term action and develop strategies to market your podcast and develop streams of income.

PacketIn-Depth Welcome Packet. This packet will lay the groundwork for our training sessions. This will be an exploration to set the stage, create a foundation and help you identify your blocks and fears that might hold you back from making, marketing and monetizing your podcast.

Skype-PhoneSix 90 Minute group coaching sessions via Phone and Google Hangout. These recorded training sessions allow you the opportunity to connect more closely so that I can give you the mentoring you need. This is where we will check in each week, figure out what's needed next, blast through those roadblocks, and set an action plan for the following week.

PacketAccess to The Podcasters' Academy. This online interactive community is available to you 24/7. You'll find additional tools and resources inside the Academy. You'll log into the hub and access additional materials. Plus, you'll watch industy experts share their knowledge and talent to help you on your video marketing and podcasting journey.
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How to Make a Video Podcast!

A Six Week Online Course with Video Podcast Host & Business Coach Darieth Chisolm 

  • Week 1. PLAN Discover your niche and audience, and why the world should listen or watch you. What's the one thing you do so well and you want to share with the world?  We will start with an in-depth look at "Why" you are video podcasting and your goals. We'll dive into your short, mid and long term plans. Set launch dates and brainstorm show titles, artwork and begin developing your show niche and audience, show flow, interview or topic base, frequency of shows, show length, and platform. We will look at ways to generate early income, set a monetization plan in place and marketing systems.
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  • Week 2. PREPARE Determine your video podcast equipment and ways to get what you need affordably and within your budget. You'll discover easy ways to find and book show guests and expand on show content, and how to promote your books, products, services, etc. as a guest on other podcast shows. Additionally, we begin looking at a pre promotion campaign to help you rank on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and YouTube and build your email database.
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  • Week 3. PRODUCE Lots of choices and options to recording and editing your podcast or video podcast. We review and decide on what works best for you. Additionally we work on developing your podcast show flow, rundown, outline and production agenda. Are you recording at home, on location, in a studio, in your car? The lighting, camera and your presence matters. We discuss the options, look at your budget and comfort level and set the stage for you to show up in confidence, looking and sounding great! 
  • Week 4. PUBLISH Choosing your media host, submitting to YouTube and podcast directories, and ranking on iTunes. How to create pre-launch buzz, promotional materials, partnerships and cross referrals. Creating your show notes page, including embedded audio, video, blog and website advertisement.
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  • Week 5. PROMOTE Learn how to leverage your video podcast for additional streams of income. How to create a media kit, find advertisers and sponsors, joint venture partnerships and so much more. Identify and begin implementing marketing strategies to become the standout authority in your industry. Schedule, emails, automation and outsourcing and begin early strategies for monetizing your video podcast as well as developing other streams of income. Begin implementing ways to grow and expand.
  • Week 6. REVIEW. What's missing? Where are you? When are you launching. We celebrate your wins and tackle the tough topics. 
  • Plus...You have The Podcasters' Academy at your finger tips and all the continued resources to help you expand and multiply your efforts.
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